We haven’t featured a canoe since last November. Let us remedy that now.

Handbuilt by Alex Comb, a man who fell in love with boating at age 11, Stewart River Boatworks, quite frankly, produces gorgeous traditional watercraft. The company responds to a wide range of boating desires – offering several types of canoe, kayak and row boat. Comb works from traditional designs, modifying each boat slightly for customer preference.

Stewart River Boatworks will be on hand on September 11, 2010, as J.W. Hume and Pierrepont Hicks combine to host “NorthernGRADE Men’s Market” in Minneapolis. Canoes will line up nicely with some of our favorite bicycles – those by Freeman Transport – and there will be shoes, socks, etc. as well.

For more on Stewart River Boatworks, visit Stewart River. A selection of fine boats comes after the leap.

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