We don’t often report on trade show build outs. There is good enough reason for that… since our founding the old BMF mentality of impermanent displays has pretty much vanished. However, Charge Bikes (an English company with a love of cycling and a cheeky sense of humor) reminds that things can still be interesting. Their circus inspired set up for the recent Eurobike show is good fun – as the video above should prove.

For good measure, we also had James Champion of Charge give us a run down of the new rides. While they are not the fanciest bikes, the continued growth of Charge and the verve they bring to celebrating the fun of cycling keeps our eyes open.

Pictures and words after the jump.

First up is the new Hob, this is essentially a ladies version of the Plug. The Plug now being somewhat of an iconic fixed gear bike, we thought the girls should be able to get in on the act as well, although plenty of girls ride the Plug already, this is a slightly more refined, classic looking mixte framed version.

Next up is the Filter, we have two models of the Filter in two very different spec levels but with exactly the same chassis. Designed as a cyclo-cross bike, suitable for commuting. The Filter Mid is the commuter you can turn into a cyclo-cross racer at the weekends and the Hi is the racer you can turn into a commuter. The Mid comes with full length mudguards and is available on the various cycle to work schemes. The Hi has the new SRAM Apex group-set.

The Freezer is the full on titanium race version of the Filter. Slightly different geometry, and an exotic lightweight Tange Ultimate titanium tube-set sets it apart from the Filter.

Lastly, the Duster. The new range of Dusters feature proven geometry but with slimmer tubing than previous models. Reduced weight by 20%, improved aesthetic and improved ride quality. The Duster’s now feel just like their considerably more expensive titanium cousins to ride.

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