In a surprising move, Jun Takahashi’s brand Undercover has worked for Fall 2010 with Coca Cola Zero on the Limited Music Collection.

“Jun Takahashi is a big fan of Joy Division and Patti Smith. In fact, the fashion designer was a member of a band in his youth, namely Tokyo Sex Pistols. Music has always been a major inspiration and key influence in Undercover aesthetic.

Coming autumn, Undercover and Coca-Cola zero® are taking on the theme ‘music collection’ to create a collaboration named ‘Zero Makes Noise’. In order to showcase the concept, Takahashi has also designed a new look for the famous Undercover bear, holding an electronic guitar – a one-of-a-kind Blind Fold Bear emblem. There will be four collaboration items in this collection, including Undercover × Coca-Cola zero® jeans, T-shirt, phone case and tote bag. Printed with Blind Fold Bear at its back, the jeans are complete with Undercover details such as U Mark. The phone cases are tailored for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. A project curated by SILLY THING, this is the first non-fashion collaboration for Undercover.”

The collection will be released at Undercover Hong Kong on September 9th.

Check out all items from the collection after the jump.

Via Think Silly.