01. Tattoo Trends (Above)

“From tribal to fashion, tattoos have been around for thousands of years. Images of various tattoos over time.” (Denver Post).

02. Bamboocycle: A Sustainable Urban Bicycle

“Reducing your ecological footprint seems to be a cultural value that will carry us for a very long time. Designers from all over the world are utilizing this value as a driver for innovation and reinterpretation, so perhaps, us consumers can join in the change. Diego Cárdenas , an industrial designer based in Mexico City, has reinterpreted the common bicycle into a more sustainable product. By replacing the metal body of the bicycle with bamboo, it reduces energy and emissions of CO2 while generating 30% more of oxygen, which makes bamboo a more efficient air purifier than trees. Bamboo is strong, flexible and light which makes it a great substitute for wood or steel, depending on the project.” (Yatzer).

03. Curren$y: The New High Life

“Weed and hip-hop have a long history together. Dr. Dre’s The Chronic ushered in an era of marijuana appreciation that hip-hop has never quite gotten over. At the time, it was associated with Scarface Chic: weed, a house full of homies, expensive alcohol, half-naked women, more weed, and someone with a big, sexy gun. Hip-hop’s weed purveyors rapped about Mary Jane as though it was only part of a larger sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll equation, and smoking added a hazy danger to the bad boy image.

But it’s 2010 and your grandmother smokes weed. There has been a drastic shift in the way marijuana is treated in hip-hop, and the reigning King of Kush is Curren$y. Curren$y raps about weed. A lot. But unlike his 1990s predecessors, the New Orleans native raps about smoking weed, sitting around and doing not much of anything. “Download a updated NBA roster / Play a 82-game season / Condo full of snacks / Spitta not leaving,” he raps on “Breakfast,” from his debut album on Def Jam Records, Pilot Talk.” (Off Beat).

04. Jay Valai saves win for Wisconsin with block on extra-point attempt

“Jay Valai didn’t quite know how he got through the line to make a shocking play that saved the day for No. 11 Wisconsin. With a nervous Camp Randall Stadium crowd assuming the Badgers were about to blow a fourth-quarter lead, the senior safety surged to swat a game-tying extra point attempt in a 20-19 victory over Arizona State on Saturday.” (ESPN).

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