01. First, care.
“You “focus” on the one thing you care about, as you “unfocus” on everything else. If not for every minute of your life, at least for the time you set aside to pursue the thing that matters. If that sounds fancy and oversimplified, then you “care” about too many things. Period.” (43f)

02. Choosing Wines at the Touch of a Screen
“The devices seem to be spurring deeper interest in wine and empowering bolder, more confident selections, they say, potentially revolutionizing the psychology of dining’s most intimidating passage.” (nyt)

03. One Week From Now
“I go to the shows for odd reasons. I just like to see all the people digging it. I like to see how they pull off the goofy tricks. I like to see Wayne noodling with everything, maniacal about every little detail. I like to see Steven pull off all those weird guitar parts, although, I wish he was still on drums. (My favorite.) I like to see confetti falling down. Yeah, confetti. After years and years of watching bands with folded arms, you just get to free the limbs up with these guys. We dig.” [Editors’ note: We know this feeling.] (ddc)

04. 102 year old lens on a Canon 5D Mark II (above)
“My friend, a Russian lens technician, who loves nothing more than to frankenstein equipment, was assisting me in building the 4×5 camera. After we abandoned the 4×5 solution, i put the project on back burner. This morning he called me into his store on NYC. He has something for me…. He found in a box of random parts, hidden inside anther lens this gem. A circa 1908 ( possibly earlier) 35mm lens. Still functioning, mostly brass, and not nearly as much dust or fungus as one would think after sitting in a box for over a hundred years. This lens is a piece of motion picture history, and at this point rare beyond words. So i say to him, “Wow… what do you have in mind?” he smiles, and says, (in the thickest russian accent you can imagine) “I can make this fit EF you know…” my eye twinkled, and then 6 nail biting hours later,he had it finished.” (cinema5d)

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