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Artist Tom Sachs customized a series of Krink marker sets. Each set features 3 markers – 1 K-12 in white, 1 K-70 in black and 1 K-66 in red and comes complete with a custom “Police Line Do Not Cross” wooden dock.

We worked closely with Tom to create markers that suited specific needs for his work. Tom uses a lot of different markers in his work and he has strict standards related to flow, durability and archival quality. He tested a wide variety of Krink products and we formulated inks to meet his specs. The K-12 rollerball is a brand new marker tip that Tom is really excited about, It’s unique to the market, and is a Krink / Tom Sachs exclusive. We also formulated a new red “Slow Drip Formula” for our K-66 marker meeting Tom’s specific specs.

Available today through and colette. Limited to 100 signed and numbered pieces.

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Tom Sachs x Krink Marker Set

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