01. Libratone Speaker

“Ah those crazy Danish. They’ve come up with another great piece of design. The Libratone Speaker is completely wireless, but unlike other wireless speakers, sound quality is not sacrificed. It’s unique design projects sound not just forward and out but behind as well, reflecting off nearby walls and creating a more rich, robust quality to the music. Beyond that, because it’s wireless you can place it and carry it to where it’s needed–out to the patio, into the bedroom, etc. The handsome speaker doesn’t even look like a speaker, as it’s upholstered in a understated felt cloth. Check em out, unless you like the twang of that portable iPod dock. $595” (coolmaterial)

02. Balancing Barn by MVRDV and Mole Architects

“This cantilevered house in Suffolk, England, by MVDRV of Rotterdam and British firm Mole Architects will be the first of five homes from Alain de Botton’s Living Architecture project available for rent on 22 October.” (dezeen)

03. Braille Stapler

“One can only imagine the level of satisfaction realized by a team of Korean designers who affected the Braille Stapler. Making the best of their inventive skills, the quartet comprising designer Dong Won Jang, Lee Hansub, Park Mihyang and Bae Jungmin have crafted a unique device that promises to alleviate the hurdles faced by the deaf-blind in communicating with the rest of the world.” (tdb)

04. Aldo Lanzini at Missoni’s Spring/Summer 2011 Show (above)

“Aldo Lanzini’s beautifully alarming crochet masks most recently made an appearance at Missoni’s Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show when the 30 ushers wore them to seat people. While the riotous colors and fantastical faces make compliment the Italian label’s renowned knitwear well, their bold expressions and strange forms of the maskes are a spectacle of their own.” (coolhunting)

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