01. Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth (above)

“Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth is the title of a new exhibition looking at the work of buckminster fuller being held at Ivorypress Art + Books in Madrid. The show is running from september 1 to october 30 and is curated by Norman Foster and Luis Fernández-Galiano. the exhibition features drawings and models including the recently completed recreation of the dymaxion car. Foster worked with Fuller for the last 12 years of his life and explains that Fuller  ‘had a profound influence on my own work and thinking’. the new dymaxion car was commissioned by foster based on Fuller’s own drawings and prototypes. the prototype was built in east sussex by the car restoration company Crosthwaite & Gardiner.” (Design Boom).

02. How Intelligence Happens

“Human intelligence is among the most powerful forces on earth. It builds sprawling cities, vast cornfields, coffee plantations, and complex microchips; it takes us from the atom to the limits of the universe. Understanding how brains build intelligence is among the most fascinating challenges of modern science. How does the biological brain, a collection of billions of cells, enable us to do things no other species can do? In this book John Duncan, a scientist who has spent thirty years studying the human brain, offers an adventure story—the story of the hunt for basic principles of human intelligence, behavior, and thought.” (YUP).

03. Classic Ryder Cup Encounters

“A few years back, I was chatting to my BBC Radio 5 live boxing colleagues over a couple of post-fight beers and they were rather bemused to discover that my favourite event on the sporting calendar was golf’s Ryder Cup.

How could someone so fascinated by a sport as visceral, dangerous and gladiatorial as boxing be in thrall to a bunch of mild-mannered chaps in matching v-necks and slacks engaging in one of the most genteel sports of all?” (BBC).

04. SoLost: Po’ Monkey’s Juke Joint

“One of Mississippi’s greatest hidden treasures is Poor Monkey Lounge located in the tiny Delta hamlet of Merigold. Better known simply as “Po Monkeys,” the establishment is one of the oldest juke joints operating in America today. Nestled on the edge of a cotton field nearly two miles down a dirt road in this rural agricultural outpost, Po Monkey’s was created decades back by the irrepressible Willie “Po Monkey” Seaberry (it’s a childhood nickname). And, as any visitor will quickly learn, if advanced degrees were offered in the purveying of good times, Mr. Seaberry would certainly have a Masters Degree–if not an endowed chair.” (Oxford American).

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