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We recently – or not so recently – caught up with Christopher Shannon at London Fashion Week. We managed to get some time with him backstage just after the show, where we asked him about the show, his dislike of post-show interviews and his aunt’s cafe.

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SL: So, first off, how’s your aunt’s cafe going?

Christopher: My aunt’s cafe? The one in Liverpool?! How’d you know about that?

SL: We get around

Christopher: It’s doing alright I suppose. I spoke to her, she texted me this morning and she sounded quite happy about it.

SL: Is she a fan of your stuff?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

SL: So, boring fashion question, how did the show go?

Chris: I think, I don’t know because I haven’t seen it. I presume it went alright, I liked it last night when we did the lineup and I liked that we threw in a couple of things that we hadn’t done before. I always want to do new things because I get a bit bored when I’m in the studio. I just have to keep myself interested. As the collection grows and grows it gets more..

SL: You’ve kinda done and seen it already?

Chris: Yeah, and at the end I always want to do more to the collection because I do many clean nylon pieces that it’s nice to do something else.

SL: Is that why you don’t do a whole ritual, come out at the end?

Chris: Well, we’re always back to back, it’s always so tight. I don’t know, that’s not really my thing.

SL: Do you like doing these sort of post show interviews? They’re a bit like post match interviews.

Chris: No, you can’t think of anything.

SL: It’s like MOTD when you can only think in cliches

Chris: I try not to talk in cliches but it gets harder every season. And I’m already thinking about the other things we’ve gotta do now.
SL: How’s the collaboration with eastpak going?

Really good. We’ve sorted a second collection out with them now. So the catwalk collection will be a premium line and the other one will be a commercial line. They’re really nice to work on because you don’t have to think about the catwalk, it’s just product. So that will launch in autumn/winter, the two collections.

SL: Change of tact, what music have you been listening to?

We’ve got Eddie and Eitienne Daho who’s an old french singer, he used to work with William Orbit in the 80’s. Because we’ve got Spotify in the studio it gets really samey so we’ve been looking for different sounds. It does help you get into the mood a little bit.

SL: I noticed you that your stuff was more affordable, was that a focus?

Chris: No, not anymore, that’s gone! (laughs) We’re not affordable anymore, because we’ve started working with good places now. We’re working with some people in Italy, we’re working with shirtmakers in Paris because that’s the quality that you want. And it costs. People can buy into Eastpak, there’s always gonna be jersey pieces that are more affordable. They’re not going through the roof but it has to go up because that’s the quality we wanna do.

SL: And what are your plans for after this?

Chris: I’ve got another exhibition downstairs for Eastpak, I’ve got a sales appointment and then tomorrow I go to France.

SL: What you going to France for?

To get away from all this! (laughs) I’m getting away for eight days.

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