All nerd edition…

01. MacBook Air 11″ Model A1370 Teardown (above)

Highly nerd, but amazing that people love to take shit apart. Three pages worth of it. (ifixit)

02. Brasa Brings the Fireplace to the Tabletop

“emperatures have cooled down enough where many of us are now putting away the fans/air conditioning units and now bringing out the heaters. If you’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home or apartment, the traditional open flame is probably the most inviting way to stay warm. But renters like ourselves could only dream of enjoying a fire indoors…until we realized there are now products available that safely bring the fire to the tabletop without the need of an actual fireplace.” (unplggd)

03. There Are 5,000 Janitors in the U.S. with PhDs [Education]

“There are 18,000 parking lot attendants in the U.S. with college degrees. There are 5,000 janitors in the U.S. with Ph.Ds. In all, some 17 million college-educated Americans have jobs that don’t require their level of education. Why? The data comes from a the Bureau of Labor Statistics” (gizmodo)

04. Study: BMW drivers are UK’s angriest motorists

“Great Britain is a relatively small island with a lot of people and therefore a lot of cars. So it’s fairly important that motorists on crowded roads are as civilized as possible… Naturally, though, not all Brits are pleasant drivers. decided to poll 3,000 motorists to see, by vehicle make, which drivers are the meanest of the bunch.” (autoblog)

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