Beau Colburn used to use a Marantz DAT machine….

01. Take One (above)

“A documentary film about Swedish House Mafia.” (takeone)

02. Layer Tennis: Flipping Out

“Before each of our live Layer Tennis matches, Bryan puts on his referee get-up and Steve grabs the camera and we create a short, silent clip of the official coin-toss which determines which player will get to go first. Here are the previous tosses.” (coudal)

03. Atlantic City police send detective undercover to Phish concert to “see what we’re up against”

“Preparations included sending a detective from the city’s Intelligence Unit to a Phish concert earlier this month in Charleston, S.C. “It just makes good prudent sense to see what’s been done in the past,” Deputy Chief Henry White said. “We just wanted to see first-hand what we’re up against here in Atlantic City.” (pressofac)

04. Dropping a 1,169lb Pumpkin Onto a Car From High Above

“Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove, UT shows you what it looks like when you drop a 1,169lb pumpkin onto a Pontiac from high above.” (laughingsquid)

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