01. Joe Bataan + Pete Rodriguez: Mis Notas

Some time in 2009, I was contacted by Wax Poetics, who are helping to manage the Fania catalog, about writing liner notes for a few releases and whether there were any titles I thought would be worthy of reissuing. High on my list was this LP. (Soul Sides)

02. An Interview with Andrew Bruce (Pictured Above)

Read an interesting interview with photographer Andrew Bruce. (1000 words)

03. For Free!) Justice For All!

Another nice update from the blog whose name we can’t pronounce for the life of us. (Llywarch)

04. Martin Margiela 22 – Replica Paper Application

Margiela 22. To not wear these trainers would be madness but you’d be mad not to wear them! Why I hear you ask? Firstly calf leather. THAT’S THE SHIT. Secondly Made in Italy. But thirdly and most importantly the “significant paper application made with real paper”. I’ve had trainers with an artificial paper application significance but they are just too run of the (PAPER)mill. Real paper applications are hard to get hold of without a heat gun and some strong methylated spirits. Authentic Heritage is important these days so it’s a relief that these are a genuine replica from the classic and incomparable 70’s Austrian era of Margiela. GET ON IT> Tres Bien (Erectizm – it’s better than that new menswear tumblr everyone’s raving about)

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