Russel Moccasin brings a new product for the season. The “Thula Thula”, which means “Quietley…Quietly in Zulu” is the name given to their new boot. This boot is there answer to all those clunky noise-maker boots out there today. The “Under foot is a 6.5 oz bull hide vampe, (the leather of the upper that wraps completely around the foot), a tough 10 oz. Bull hide leather molded outer sole and a 10 oz. Bull hide slip sole plus a layer of Turtleskin Thron Amor.” It can’t get any better than this with all these features. The shoe also comes in a 4” model as well as the “Huron” version that’s similar to a boat shoe style. With three different sole selections, this boot dominates. The shoe is made to order and is available at RussellMoccassin. (gb)

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