From Lake Mills, Wisconsin, Tyranena Brewing Company sees in the coming of Winter with their Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale.

What’s in the name? “Colonel Carmichael, an educated and accomplished Scotchman, settled in Lake Mills in 1844. He selected a location at the head of Rock Lake, which he stocked quite largely with sheep, intending to make a sheep farm of the place. He had five hundred sheep driven in from Ohio and shepherds with their dogs and crooks come clear from Scotland. We can picture it now, the Colonel relaxing on the back porch with a Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale in hand, looking onto his fields and watching his shepherds shagging sheep for shearing. (Shagging means retrieving… What were you thinking?).”

The beer hits at 7.5% ABV and is available this month and next.

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