Where form meets function

Commuters looking for a high design gift this holiday season will look no further than the Cooper-Hewitt‘s Kiosk at New York’s Grand Central Station. Located in the Station’s Graybar Passage, the Kiosk “will offer a selection of 25 design works from the museum’s renowned shop, including decorative objects, jewelry, toys and office accessories, and will be outfitted with USM Modular Furniture’s Haller system in orange, a color available for the first time in three decades. Cooper-  Hewitt chose the USM Haller system—a 1963 design classic, which is created from a few basic  elements that can be expanded or reconfigured as needed—to outfit its museum shop and now the kiosk.” Open for business through January 3, 2010.

Photos by Daniel Levin.

Images of the Kiosk and a few objects within – including an awesome table tennis set  – after the jump.

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