The fine folks at Style Salvage have caught up with the creators of B Store’s in-house magazine to bring a great interview. Having a chat with the duo behind the magazine, they find out about the magazine’s origins, how certain interview came about and their approach to the magazine. When it came to the last point they stated:

“Primarily, we did not want it to be another fashion title because we both felt that there already were enough titles out there, some of which were doing it very well, some doing it not so well. It was very important to us that we were crating a magazine that came from an alternative point of view to anything already out there. We talked to Matt and Kirk about the store; the designers they stocked, the people who shop there or those involved in the store in some way, be that artists who have shown in store or creatives who they have collaborated with in some way and at this point we realised that this was more than a lifestyle. We described it as a world, the bstore world.”

Read the full interview at Style Salvage.

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