01. Minimalist Video Game Character Avatars

“One of the major art projects that nerds endeavour to undertake is video game art reinventions. Not to say that all nerds do something like this, but if it’s any indication, you see a lot of it out there. Minimalist art is just one of these approaches that artists take, …” (waylou)

02. Fresh Flowers by Itunube (above)

“From Itunube a different kind of newspaper, a collection of 32 flowers printed on newsprint, one per page and per day of the month (with a few extra thrown in).” (moco)

03. Eat Drink Design at Dutch Design Week

“Dutch Design Week 2010: design studio Moon/En/Co curated a pop-up exhibition restaurant for the fifth consecutive year during Dutch Design Week last month, featuring pieces by designers including Kiki van Eijk and Maarten Baas.” (dezeen)

04. Joy Division colouring book by Piper Gates Design

“A limited edition (so get in quick if you want one), the book is A4 in size and has a four-page cover and eight pages of ‘colouring in fun. You even get a free Transmission sleeve as a bonus to prolong the fun even further. You’ll need to buy your own coloured crayons, but let’s be honest, you’ll only need black and grey.” (retrotogo)

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