Beau Colburn brings us Thursdays…

01. Common People Comic
“This promotional comic book illustrates the lyrics to Common People. It was designed by Jamie Hewlett, who is well-known for the Tank Girl comic strip and as co-creator of the cartoon band Gorillaz.” (pulpwiki)

02. Apple Destroyed Products (above)
“A collaboration between Michael Tompert and photographer Paul Fairchild with this special tribute to the Apple brand. Destruction of products such as the iPad, the iPhone and the Macbook, presented destroyed or buried under the form of 12 large format photographs.” (fubiz)

03. Maps from 1942 of the never-was Nazi invasion of North America
“These diagrams from the March 2, 1942 issue of Life detailed the Nazi invasion of America shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Check out such alternate reality battles like the bombing of Detroit and invasion of Norfolk, Virginia.” (i09)

04. On Melancholy Hill – NYC Lights
“Music Video shot just using lights in New York City.” (vimeo )

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