Where the runway meets the street

XXL look back on Hip-hop’s association with Ralph Lauren with an oral history. Including several famed ‘Lo heads, including Thirstin Howl III, Just Blaze, Raekwon and 88 Keys – the latter some might recognize from a Details video about his Ralph obsession. They’ve even managed to fit in our favourite video blogger, Mr Jose Hustle. The article traces the start of Ralph mania in the hip hop community and just why the brand still resonates with that crowd today. Get a feel for the piece by this Just Blaze quote:

“Just Blaze: It’s more than just a brand… It’s the way you carry yourself. The way you walk, the way you talk, the kind of places you frequent. Ralph is from [New York City], he’s not from the country but he had this whole ideology. I remember he said once, “I designed this line behind the lifestyle I wished I could live. I didn’t have all of this when I was growing up, these are the things that I love.” At the same token, I’m not out riding horses; I’m not out at the country club. But a lot of those same ideologies and those same motifs are the things that I love in terms of a standard of living. The way you present yourself to the outside world. There’s a certain level or certain standard that kind of comes along with that lifestyle.”

Read the rest over at XXL.

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