01. Breakfast Tea & Pastries

(Pictured above) [Luxirare]

02. Watching Downhill Racer

“It’s freezing outside. And it’s gonna get colder.

Weather like this is best admired from a safe distance – like in the warm comfort of your living room. This afternoon I plan to enjoy the cold climes by watching Downhill Racer.” (Garmsville)

03. Woody Allen, The Art of Humor No. 1

“As New Yorkers know, Woody Allen is one of its more ubiquitous citizens—at courtside in Madison Square Garden watching the Knicks, at Michael’s Pub on Monday evenings playing the clarinet, on occasion at Elaine’s Restaurant at his usual table. Yet he could hardly be considered outgoing: shy on acquaintance, he once expressed an intense desire to return to the womb—“anybody’s.” In fact, his career is one of prodigious effort in a number of disciplines—literature, the theater, and motion pictures. “I’m a compulsive worker,” he once said. “What I really like to do best is whatever I’m not doing at the moment.” (Paris Review)

04. Notes from New York – lounge

“My friend Molly (also a stylist) and I were talking about what we would like to lounge around our apartments in if we were perfectly young and thin – well actually she is, so she would probably be wearing something like this right now – but I’ll be making a few modifications. Anyway, here’s a bunch of stuff to wear at home, or wherever” (Russh Magazine)

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