01. Park Slope
(Pictured Above) [Joe’s NYC]

02. Rine Allen Studio Visit Part 2
“As promised, here are some more photos from Rinne Allen’s beautiful studio” (Simply Photo)

03. Planet Monocle

“Tyler Brûlé ushered in a design revolution with Wallpaper magazine. His new global media strategy is equally rarefied, and only occasionally ridiculous. Listen to him for a while, and the world seems positively aglow with possibility.” (New York Magazine)

04. Gym Class Magazine

“So, print’s demise was down to most publications turning terrible these last few years? I can buy that. It’s a theme that crops up a couple of times in the new ‘Gym Class Magazine.’ I won’t pretend I’ve picked up this magazine before – I’d seen the covers of earlier issues, assumed it was a gay-themed magazine and then paid more for something perfect-bound and defiantly hetro that I never actually read. Stupid me. I was wrong about the theme of the magazine (but as Jerry and George were keen to maintain, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”) and I suspect I’ve missed out on some print fanboy masterpieces.” (Gwarizm)

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