Here’s a giveaway that I was lucky enough to spend some good time with. The HP Envy 100 is the first e-printer I have worked with. The HP E-Print tech allows for you and others to print from virtually any device, anywhere in the world. It’s possible through the built-in wifi found in the Envy 100. Once you use the touch screen to add it to your wireless network, the printer is assigned a private email address that you can share and use. Simply email a photo, image, text document, or even a PDF file to your Envy 100’s address and it will print it ont he fly.

To me it feels like a fax in some ways. For a good day, I gave out the Envy 100’s email address to friends and just watched in amazement at the documents they sent to it for printing. While I would not recommend giving everyone your Envy 100’s email address; it is clearly handy for sending files to remote offices and beyond. Hell, plug some into nightclubs and watch. These  Envy 100’s will be the new viral device. I’m having fun with mine.

You can also have some fun with an HP Envy 100 printer. We’re giving one away starting today!

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