01. ESLICE Prefab Homes Inspired by Loaves of Bread

“A good loaf of bread is what inspired this traditional, yet narrow prefab home. The ESLICE home is a Latvian creation designed to satisfy the desire for high quality of living, but at a reasonable cost. As the designers explain, ESLICE is exactly like a hearty piece of rye bread – satisfying, affordable, comforting, and simple. The thin profile home takes design ideas from traditional Latvian barns, uses machine cut wood to build the small structure and comes delivered completely furnished and ready to go.” (inhabitant)

02. Architecture of WikiLeaks (above)

“Thanks to the New York Post article we noticed that this project Pionen White Mountain, which we featured November 24, 2008, is indeed the WikiLeaks Headquarters. Pionen – White Mountain designed by Albert France-Lanord Architects is housed in a former 1,200 sqm Cold War bunker (originally built as a World War II bunker); an amazing location 30 meters down under the granite rocks of the Vita Berg Park in Stockholm.” (archfdaily)

03. Longform Best of 2010

Their best of picks for journalism in the long form. “Ladies and Gentlemen, start your Instapapers” (magtastic)

04. The Art Direction of Musician Magazine: John Korpics

This is the second part of our month-long celebration of the art direction of Musician, featuring the work of John Korpics. Korpics was the design director for 11 months, in 1992. Before that he had been the art director atRegardie’s magazine in Washington, DC. After Musician, Korpics went on to be the design director of Premiere,GQEntertainment WeeklyEsquire, and InStyle. He is currently the design director at Fortune. (spd)

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