Straight up: this is a $300,000 mobile phone with built in tourbillion watch . A basic “holy shit” kinda product. “At first glance, LeDIX is a clamshell cell phone with an integrated tourbillion watch. As streamlined as a sports car, this aerodynamic creation is made from polished and brushed grade 5 titanium discreetly enhanced by inserts. It is the ultimate expression of contemporary elegance. The exclusive mechanical movement, developed under the technical supervision of Celsius X VI II, has what it takes to appeal to the most demanding watchmaking connoisseurs.

Two versions are bring produced: 18 in grade 5 titanium with ebony inserts (LeDIX Origine,) and 28 in black PVD-treated titanium with carbon fibre inserts (LeDIX Véloce) #wtf

More looks at the Celsius LeDIX Mobile Phones with Tourbillion Watch after the click.

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