01 . Sustainable Christmas Trees

“Those who are needled by the wastefulness of Christmas trees can take comfort: the traditional tree is undergoing a redefinition. This change is in terms of production and marketing but also in the way trees are being bought and used. The shift is gaining momentum: a convergence of environmental consciousness, economics and emotion, now given an extra boost by a recession-inspired do-it-yourself sensibility. ” (Design Observer).

02. New York Underground

“For a long time I have been drawn to places that are underground. I often dream that I am in a basement, or descending the stairs to the subway, or walking in a cave, or swimming toward lights at the bottom of a river, or finding rooms below ground that no one else knows about and that aren’t there later when I try to go back to them. The world of symbols is impenetrable to me, but I am not so thick that I don’t see that the underground stands for the unconscious.” (Believer).

03. Blackburn owners confirm talks with Diego Maradona (above).

“No seriously. What appeared to be idle rumour in yesterday’s papers is actually, amazingly, true – Venky’s Group, the new owners of Blackburn Rovers, have had a sit down talk with Diego Maradona with a view to him taking a managerial role at the club.” (The Spoiler – who can argue Maradona as a left field style icon?).

04. Reopening a House That’s Still Divided

“The convulsive currents that roil the telling of American history have become so familiar that they now seem an inseparable part of the story itself. Here is a nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to a proposition of human equality, that, for much of its first century of life, countenanced slavery, institutionally supported it and economically profited from it. The years that followed have been marked by repair, reform and reversals; recompense, recrimination and reinterpretation. Extraordinary ideals and achievements have been countered by extraordinary failings and flaws, only to be countered yet again, each turn yielding another round of debates.” (NYT).

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