About this video –

Another fantastic FUEL TV Signature Series ID featuring the creative talents of Thomas Campbell.

Thomas Campbell – Director/Cinematographer

Production Co: Holmes Defender of the Faith
Ben Dossett – Producer
Micah Mattson – Production assistant/costume actor #3
Benny Maglinao – 2nd director of photography
Tiffany Campbell – Costume actor #1/PA
Alison Edwards – Costume actor #2/PA
Dave Gardner – Costume actor #4/PA
John Reynolds – Production assistant
Marc Capelle/Monte Vallier – Music
Total Fabrication – Costume design
Andy Webster – Rolling boat builder
David Anderson – Rolling boat builder
Doug Walker – Editor
Beau Leon – Colorist
Beast Editorial SF – Finishing/Graphics

SVP & GM: CJ Olivares
Creative Director: Todd Dever

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