01. Review of General’s Cedar Pointe

“General’s Cedar Pointe pencils are made of raw, unfinished natural wood: incense cedar, funnily enough. Some natural finish pencils have a coating or seal — the Forest Choice, for example, seems to have a very thin coat of sealant. The Cedar Pointe does not. The smooth unfinished wood has a pleasantly grippy feel, and it has a tendency to become…seasoned with time. I swear, I do wash my hands, but still, you can see how this particular example has darkened with use, while the well-used Forest Choice remains as it has always been” (pencilrevolution)

02. Repack

“Re-Pack Project – Recycling existing packaging is a way to produce and pollute less. The more you recycle, the less you have to dispose of. And the better it will be for planet earth.” (packagingoftheworld)

03. The Studley-est chest you’ve ever seen (above)

“If Henry O. Studley had lived 150 years later, he’d be designing circuit boards. As it stands, Studley was born in 1838 and worked as a piano maker, carpenter and mason. Sometime in the 1890s he designed this amazing tool cabinet, which has become known in woodworking circles as the Henry O. Studley tool chest.” (core77)

04. MyFonts’ Creative Characters by Jan Middendorp

“Landing on my desk is this great compilation of type designer interviews done by Jan Middendorp for MyFonts entitled Creative Characters. In it, I just read Ray Larabie not only designs his type completely on the computer, but uses a trackball?! Creative Characters contains a ton of interesting bits like this.” (typedesk)

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