01. Inspiration: Photographs by Ditte Isager

“I stumbled across Danish photographer Ditte Isager’s work last week. She is based in New York now and her work has a quiet beauty to it that resonates particularly well at this hectic time of the year! Enjoy.” (lifeworks)

02. Matryoshka House (above)

“Located in Bethesda, MD, and designed by David Jameson Architect, is a small home based on intersecting volumes. At center is a suspended meditation chamber, from which the home evolves with increasing large spaces. The walls function as “cradles” and much emphasis is placed on light. A truly intriguing home.” (curatedmag)

03. Body Browser

“For the aspiring medical student or simply any curious mind, Google Lab’s new Body Browser offers an amazingly in-depth look at the different layers of the human body. The 3D model, currently only viewable as a female, lets the user interact with six different biological systems in multiple planes.” (coolhunting)

04. Do not hand over any tapes to Paul McCartney

“Below we have two letters that perfectly illustrate the rift that ultimately tore The Beatles apart following the death of manager Brian Epstein and Apple Corps’ subsequent failings. First, the draft of an undated letter in Lennon’s hand that essentially bars Paul McCartney and his new manager, Lee Eastman, from accessing The Beatles’ recordings without authorisation; followed by a 1969 letter to Eastman specifically, signed by Lennon, Harrison and Starr, in which he is reminded in no uncertain terms that, despite his managing of McCartney, he has no control over the affairs of the band.” (lettersofnote)

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