01. Schiit Audio reveals gorgeous six-watt Lyr headphone amplifier

“In fact, Schiit Audio won’t be responsible if you do wind it to 11 and blow the ear tips right off of your favorite canalphones. The drop-dead sexy box that you’re peering at above is the Lyr, a hybrid (tube-MOSFET) headphone amplifier that claims to have zero feedback and more power than most headphones will ever have use for. This guy’s pumping out six solid watts into 32 ohms, while loads of rivals are dabbling in milliwatts.” (engadget)

02. Recycled Bike Parts Furniture

“nd more time with our bikes than we do with our significant others on a regular basis. They call it unhealthy obsession; we call it liberation. Sooner or later though – regardless of how well we take care of them – they’re going to reach the end of their life. We’ll shed a tear, and then we’ll move on. Matt XXXX decided to take all those forgotten bikes and restore them to usefulness – as Frankensteined furniture.” (coolmaterial)

03. A better Post-It? And made from wood waste (above)

“Shibuya-based Naruse-Inokama Architects, comprised of Jun Inokuma and Yuri Naruse, takes wood waste from houses and turns that into paper. The resultant paper is then formed into a stack of Post-It-like sticky notes that are in turn shaped like little houses.” (core77)

04. Bridge Street Fromagerie (Student Work)

“Bridge Street Fromagerie is a family-owned cheese shop located in historic Lambertville, NJ. A series of dual-purpose adhesive labels were designed to secure the cheese’s paper wrapping and to act as informational guides for the customers. Identifying individual characteristics of the cheese as well as suggested alcohol pairings, the labels provide Bridge Street’s cheesemongers with an additional means to share their knowledge with the shop’s customers.” (packagingoftheworld)

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