01. Ryan Babel charged by FA over comments on Twitter

“The Football Association has charged Liverpool forward Ryan Babel with improper conduct after he criticized referee Howard Webb on Twitter.” (BBC).

02. Planter Table by Emily Wettstein (Above)

“Emily Wettstein is a 25-year-old designer living in Brooklyn, NY who built this planter table as part of her application to grad school for architecture. The table is made from reclaimed walnut and steel with a removable planter that can hold a variety of plants, in this case wheat grass (very cat friendly!).” (Design Milk).

03. NYC Auction House Holds Judaica Sale

“On Monday night, Manhattan’s J. Greenstein & Co. will hold the first of this year’s biennial Judaica auctions at the Herald Square Radisson Martinique Hotel. It’s the only auction house in the United States that exclusively sells Jewish antique ritual art.” (WNYC).

04. Quahaugs and Uncle Quentin

“I can never think of one but I think of the other. As sure as my Uncle Quentin conies into my mind, quahaugs come, too. Whenever, to this day, I roll out the living, trembling, tawny mollusk from his pearly shell, splashed with purple dabs and edged with tiny crenulations, and lip back my head to take the tender creature down, my stout Uncle Quentin comes rolling back across the years, plump and tawny as ever he was in my boyhood. My uncle was shaped, as well as colored, like the quahaug. The quahaug was his first and only real love. He lived on the shellfish mainly, when I knew him. I believe they had much to do with his colors and his contours.” (from the Gourmet archives).

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