Beau Colburn rounds it up.

01. In Schizophrenic Artist’s Work, UFO and Aliens Abound
“After Ken Grimes had his first psychotic break a few years ago, the schizophrenic artist decided to put some of his ideas about extraterrestrials on canvas. Since then, his works have been featured in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Outsider Art Fair, and New York’s Ricco/Maresca Gallery.

“We get so accustomed to seeing the same thing,” Leslie Umberger, senior curator at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, told But Grimes actually accomplishes “what many artists aspire to: changing the way we see and think”, Umberger added.” (designtaxi)

02. Bill Murray’s Hilarious Speech to Sofia Coppola at the NBR Awards
“… but no one had the crowd roaring like Murray, who introduced his Lost in Translation director with a delightfully deranged speech delivered while sucking on candy.” (nymag)

03. Sights & Sounds: Superchunk
“Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan have been making art longer than they’ve been making music, and they’ve been making music for quite a while. The Chapel Hill, NC, music-scene figureheads first formed frazzly DIY rock band Superchunk in the late 1980s and have played together on and off ever since, most recently returning after a nine-year break with last fall’s Majesty Shredding LP. The two also founded and continue to run Merge Records, one of the most respected and successful independent labels in the country.” (designsponge)

04. New York Sleeps (above)
“A new exhibition of photographs by Christopher Thomas, which opens at the Wapping Project Bankside in London tonight, reveals that the city that supposedly never sleeps does in fact have the odd moment of repose…” (creativereview)

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