Where the runway meets the street

We’ve been fans of WOR for a LONG time. The initial interest remains, and each seasons brings its own quirks. A preview of Autumn 2011 includes “Surf Punks and Street Rats, denim pullovers, WOR Radio, P.O.P. Pier R.I.P, trench coats, logo sweats, colored jean jackets, muscle pants, oversized whatever, never not summer, make waves not war, ocean camoflauge, WET magazine, Indian Burn, loose sweatshirts, overdyed blue jeans, salt water washes, Hawaiian shirts, surf Vietnam, Gantez Warrior, Pacific Coast Highway, the southern hemisphere, the GLSA, WOR Records, beach riots, yeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!” Rick Klotz’s words are too spot on to edit.

More looks at Warriors of Radness Autumn 2011 after the jump.

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