01. The Revolution Will Be Instagrammed

“Twitter officially arrived when Captain Sullenberger sent US Airways flight 1549 splashing down into the Hudson. Instagram’s moment was last week, when forty-nine states—fully ninety-eight percent of American states—were doused with snow.” (gizmodo)

02. MoMA Spring/Summer 2011 Preview, Part II

“With over 125 products included in the new collection, selecting favorites from the MoMA Spring/Summer 2011 preview is no easy feat. In Part I, we sorted it out by limiting our picks to “things that look like other things,” but here you’ll find a more general assortment of nine items that we like for their form, function or both.” (coolhunting)

03. Floor in a Box

“‘Floor in a Box’ by Tarkett.” (notcot)

04. Chuck Norris LEGO Cubedude (above)

“The Lego Cubedudes helps you create a Chuck Norris exclusively for yourself. All that you need is a set of Lego blocks and a little time. Adding a little patience and skill will result in a Chuck Norris figure with all major details. Your figure will resemble the character to the extent that anyone familiar with Norris is sure to recognize it. It is true that getting exact details is not possible with rigid shaped blocks. However, the best efforts have been made here and the outcome is simply fantastic.” (waylou)

05. DJ Rupture’s Harlem Is Nowhere Mix MP3

“Every Sunday this summer we woke up early, showered the sweat off and then started to sweat again all through our journey towards the center of Harlem. First we’d bike across Bed-Stuy in its hour of rest, the tumble weed empty time after Saturday’s parties and before morning church service. Then we’d park and take a train, then a train then a shuttle bus to hang out on the sidewalkfor half of the day.” (thefader)

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