01. Low Country Travelers:  An African American Car Club of Charleston County, South Carolina (ABOVE).

“In their photo essay, Nancy Marshall and John McWilliams explore the history, mission, and significance of the “Low Country Travelers,” an African American car club in the South Carolina town of McClellanville.” (Southern Spaces).

02. Happy Paula Deen Day!

“Big discovery this morning: it’s Paula Deen’s 64th birthday. In honor of our favorite butter-loving Southern belle (born Paula Hiers), we’ve declared it Paula Deen Day. So be sure to wish your friends a Happy PDD!” (Serious Eats).

03. Max Fish lives!

When Ulli Rimkus, a German immigrant and member of the avant-garde artists’ group Collaborative Projects, first set up shop at Max Fish (178 Ludlow St between E Houston and Stanton Sts, 212-529-3959) in 1989, Ludlow Street was still considered no-man’s land—a place you’d go to find pimps and pushers, not the trendy boutiques and eateries there today. But what began as a makeshift gallery with dirt-cheap drinks transformed into a shared clubhouse for downtown creatives and free spirits of all stripes. As well as being a launching pad for young artists like Rita Ackermann, Faile and Thomas Campbell (there’s been a new show on the walls every single month since the bar opened), the Fish has served as a de-facto after-party spot for rock bands, a world-renowned mecca for skaters and a refuge for limelight-ducking celebs from Courtney Love to Johnny Depp. Some regulars liken it to a counterculture Cheers, its unseemly bright lights and eye-popping decor turning the stereotype of dark, melancholy dives on its head. (Time Out).

04. Is Obsessive “Curation” Ruining Brooklyn?

“”The new cultural landscape,” writes curator and critic Nicolas Bourriaud, “is marked by the twin figures of the DJ and the programmer, both of whom have‚ the task of selecting cultural objects and inserting them into new‚ contexts.” If one looks at contemporary art (or fashion or literature or cocktails?) there’s no lack of appropriation, repurposing, re-tooling. The success of such gestures relies on the creation of new contexts that force us to view objects in previously unconsidered ways, opening up new avenues for interpretation, making available new meanings. But what happens when the new context for something is actually no context at all?” (The L Magazine).

05. Stuck in the Middle with Al Manama

“Greetings from the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Diaries continue their travels throughout the continent of Asia recently taking control of the Al Manama Basketball Club in Manama, Bahrain. Unless you are an astute student of geography, have a loved one serving with the United States Central Naval Command (5th Fleet) or recently played a game of Trivial Pursuit… The Kingdom of Bahrain and its local may be a mystery to most of you. Dust off the family Atlas, open it up and go to the “M’s” – as in Middle East… There you’ll find, just a scant 12 miles of the coast of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf, the island country of Bahrain.” (Hoops Hype).

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