Today our links have (minor) historical value…

01. A Short History Of The Norse Siege Of Paris For Bostonians

“Now back in 885 lots’ah Danish guys been sailin’ ’round allovah the fuckin’ place, attackin’ whereevah they fuckin’ felt like n’ eithah stealin’ ah extohrtin’ a shitload’ah silvah, n’ so it’s no wondah that this one Danish guy, Sigfred, he stahts thinkin’ tah himself, “Yah know what, outtah all the places a guy can sail off tah, Frankland’s gottah be the best. I mean, all’ah Frankie’s a fuckin’ shitshow these days. Evah since Ragnah Hairy Breeches took his crew down there 40 fuckin’ years ago n’ mahched against Chahles the Bald, cheatin’ the system’s been like takin’ a fuckin’ walk in the pahk. I mean, I don’t know why the fuck I haven’t even bothahed to go down there yet myself. All I gottah do is get a crew tahgether n’ then just head on down there right, how fuckin’ hahd can that be?” (McSweeney’s).

02. Museum Archives on the trail of The Holden Gallery

“The planning and construction of Cleveland’s temple of the arts in the early years of the 1900s was a major undertaking involving strong personalities, politics and money.  One of the major players in this endeavor was Liberty Holden, owner of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a Yankee who had made his fortune in the silver mines of Utah. This success enabled Mr. Holden to purchase a portion of a collection of Italian old master paintings. Mr. Holden was chairman of the art museum building committee until ill health forced his resignation in 1910.” (Cleveland).

03. Builder’s tea

“Builder’s tea is the nickname for strong, cheap tea, as is often drunk by builders when taking a break. The tea variety used is typically English Breakfast tea (or in Ireland, Irish Breakfast tea), or similar, usually served in a mug with milk and, often, one or more sugars. [1] Back in 1916, the ministry of Munitions’ health committee wrote in a publication called ‘Hours of Work’, ‘an opportunity for tea is regarded as beneficial both to health and output’.” (Wikipedia).

04. NYChiliFest2011 (Above)

“The ultimate celebration of chili, beer and all things spicy is taking over New York City’s culinary epicenter—Chelsea Market on January 30, 2011. Each ticket gives you access to a 500-foot concourse of chili, served by dozens of NYC’s best restaurants and cutting edge chefs, all competing for the Golden Chili Mug 2011 title. Brooklyn Brewery is matching 4 of their favorite chili-eating beers to accompany your adventurous mouths.” (NYCF11).

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