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01. 19 Year Old Teenager Makes Homemade Solar Death Ray

“Jacqmain created his ‘solar ray’ from a normal satellite dish and 5,800 small mirrors. The project reportedly only took 24 hours to finish before he then recorded the results for all to see. The 19-year old claims that his solar device has the intensity of 5,000 suns.” (inhabitat).

02. robo-rainbow (above)

“Instrument of mass destruction. (complicated technical solution to aide in simple acts of vandalism)”

03. David Chang’s Latest: An iPad App and a Journal

“Can’t get enough of the Momofuku chef, David Chang? Soon you’ll be able to carry him around with you. In late April, he plans to release Lucky Peach, a quarterly iPad app and print journal.
Each issue will examine a dish or ingredient through many facets. “It’s sort of an M.C. Escher painting,” Mr. Chang said.” (nyt).

04. (Founder Stories) Kevin Systrom On Instagram’s Launch

“But what was it like that first day Instagram hit the app store? In this episode of Founder Stories (formerly Startup Sherpa), founder and CEO Kevin Systrom describes what it felt like to host Chris Dixon. People started downloading the app immediately from the other side of the world, then the server crumbled. “I have never felt so sick ever,” says Systrom in the video clip above. He didn’t get much sleep that day, but everything turned out all right.” (techcrunch).

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