01. Saturdays are for lovers

Pictured above. (Pretty Gingham)

02. Arcade Fire Reveal Spike Jonze Short Film Details

“Last month, we reported that Scenes From the Suburbs, filmmaker Spike Jonze’s short film companion piece to his video for Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” would screen at this month’s Berlin International Film Festival. And now the Arcade Fire website has more details about the film.” (Pitchfork)

03. The Hassles: Twice Over

“One of the best/worst things about getting hooked on the 7″ as a format is that you feel compelled to find 7″ versions of LP songs you really like. It makes good sense – why not tote along a louder, smaller version of a great song instead of the full (and often quieter) LP? It’s just an expensive habit, especially in those cases where the 7″ version is more obscure (this isn’t always the case but it certainly can be).

So anyway, I noticed there was a 7″ version of The Hassles’ “4 O’Clock In the Morning,” a longtime favorite of mine and since it wasn’t terribly expensive, I figured “cool, I can cop this and sell off the LP.” But then I got it and threw it on at home…and realized, “wait, this isn’t quite the same song.” (Soul Sides)

04. Expansion and melting shoes at Corthay

“Pierre Corthay’s little atelier is growing, with a bigger space for ready to wear, an office across the courtyard and a new home for the workshop just across the hall. Add to that the underground caverns that house the lastmaking and last storage, and you have a beautiful little warren of rooms dedicated to all aspects of shoemaking.” (Permanent Style)

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