01. Chris Connett Working

“Here are some photos from Chris’s daughter Emma of him working at his shop and conventions during the 70′s and 80′s.  Here is  great action shot of Chris tattooing the Leopard man!” (Awesome leopard tattoos from Old Ink).

02.  Books About Books

Working in a library, it is amazing how consistently one is asked, “Which is your favorite book?” I generally stutter and give a muddled reply about how I like the idea of an accumulation of books, or something along those lines. If really pressed, I have recently started mentioning that I like books about books. In my case, given the nature of the MoMA Library’s collection, our books about books generally focus on the small and merry niche of modern and contemporary art publications and publications by artists. These books often document or expand a genre of publications—see highlights from 2009, In Numbers or Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and 1970s. They are bibliophilic contrivances and often explore a particular artist’s body of work, catalog a collection of books, and/or trace a phenomenon within certain genres. Perhaps it is easiest to discuss aspects of this definition of “book about books” by taking a quick browse through three great examples published in 2010.” (MOMA).

03. Highsnobiety TV – 10.Deep x Money Making Jam Boys – Episode 1 (Above)

“After releasing the trailer last week, timing could not be better for the launch of the first episode of our Highsnobiety TV series on the Money Making Jam Boys. Grammy Award winning artist Black Thought, gives a breakdown of the Money Making Jam Boys.” (HS).

04. The King of Limbs

The new Radiohead record, The King Of Limbs, is through here.

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