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Creative Director of Perfecto Brand by Schott, Greg Chapman, was in LA for a few days taking a break from the freezing New York weather and getting to the Vegas Shows. While there, he had lunch Little Doms and discussed the jacket he named after long-time friend, Creative Director of Generic Man/Generic Surplus, Kevin Carney, who also happens to have named the Generic Man staple Chapman after Greg. The duo were interviewed by Astri Barbala.

View both jacket and shoe, and read the interview, after the jump.

First of all; when did you two meet?

Kevin: We met in New York in 1998, when he became our salesman for the UK.
Greg: I was the buyer for Browns at the time. We just clicked as we had the same taste in music and style, that sort of thing. So we just hung out the whole time, went to bars, picked up chicks…

How did the Carney coat and the Chapman shoe come about?

Kevin: Although we were working on them at the same time, the Chapman shoe came out first.
Greg: Yeah, around the time when I was developing on the jacket. It was in the summer of last year. And I actually forgot to tell you about it!
Kevin: So I didn’t find out until someone sent me the link about it, and I though “wow, that’s crazy”. I don’t even think I’ve seen it, have I seen it?
Greg: Yeah, you have! It’s in black and tan. My inspiration for it came from the 1930s, when they made jackets out of wool and leather for uniforms, sort of like delivery jackets. So that jacket was taken from that era. And then I was thinking about a name, and as it was the era when carneys were around a lot, I immediately thought of Kevin. And when I first met Kevin and heard his last name was Carney, I asked him “holy shit, were your parents in a circus?”. And that just stuck with me.
Kevin: Great…
Greg: I thought it was ideal, as I wanted to give it a proper name.

What about the Chapman shoe?

Kevin: Greg came to LA to visit the studio, and I showed him the prototype, which he tried on and was really into. And also, it’s a vibrant sole and one of the chunkiest boat shoes we’ve done, and as he’s a chunky sailor.
Greg: Yeah, a chunky sailor afraid of the water!
Kevin: I figured it was a pretty appropriate shoe for him as he carries a lot of weight and it’s a very chunky shoe.
Greg: Thanks.
Kevin: But you carry it well though, big guy!

So; are you going to wear the Carney jacket, Kevin, and will you be sporting the Chapman shoe, Greg?

Kevin: Yeah, for sure. It’s a beautiful jacket and I’ve always been a fan of the combination black and tan. And it’s something you could wear for the rest of your life, as it will also age beautifully.
Greg: Definitely, and I have never had anything named after me, so it’s very endearing [to wear a Chapman shoe]. Also, we go back such a long way, and most of the people in the industry know us as friends. Hopefully I’ll be picking up a pair afterwards, if I manage to get out of these boots!

Okay. Is there anything you want to add?

Kevin: If I ever grow a beard I want to have Greg’s beard.
Greg: And if I ever shave I’d want to have Kevin’s… chin.

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