01. The Big Chill presents Mixcloud with Alexander Nut, DJ MK and more

“A raft of formidable DJs will be spinning records from different eras and sub-genres, with secret guest (“A Ninja Tune legend”) headlining. DJ MK will play a ’90s Golden Era’ set, DJ Blakey will take care of ’00s Club Bangers’, Alexander Nut (most appealingly of all) will take on ‘Future Hip Hop’, while Disorda attends to UK sounds, Breakin’ Break brings the 70s B-boy cuts and Chris Read covers 80s electro/rap.” (factmag)

02. J. R. Moon Pencils

“The J. R. Moon Pencil Company was founded in 1961 by James R. Moon. Moon was a pencil industry veteran, having previously worked at both the Linton and American pencil companies, following a career as a school teacher. Some background information on the company…” (penciltalk)

03. The Master Chart of Fashion Influence (above)

“The Master Chart of Fashion Influence as New York fashion week comes to a close. The wall street journal unscientific charting of the New York fashion industry’s ecosystem.” (wsj>notcot)

04. Killer paper backdrop illusion for your web cam

“If you were on a video conference call with Michel Gondry, we’re pretty sure he’d join in with one of these. Architect Ryuji Nakamura created the Midget & Giant paper house as part of a workshop at DESIGNEAST 01 late last year.” (core77)

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