Permanent Style caught up with new London based clothing store Trunk. It’s an interesting read, if only for the realisation that there really wasn’t anything like it in London before.

“Indeed, it now seems odd that the model didn’t already exist. Britain’s department stores are so dominated by fashion brands and sportswear that there are few places for small, craft-driven companies to sell to a discerning public. And there are so many great small companies in Europe, Japan and the US to pick from.

Some brands have proved so popular that there is a waiting list system – for Incotex trousers, for example. Nearly all 32 and 34 inch models have sold out and the man who walked away disappointed while I was in the store was apparently only one of many. Let’s hope that these brands don’t just use Trunk as a stepping stone to a wider market in the UK – Incotex is already being sold on the new Mr Porter site.”

Read the rest over at Permanent Style.

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