01. The Fast Food (Above)

“What’s your signature dance move?” (Signature Dance Moves).

02. Sale Of Archie Comics #1 At Heritage Sets World Record

“Archie Andrews may not be a super hero, but on February 24–25 the carrot-topped cartoon figure set a super world record when a 1942 Archie Comics #1 sold at Heritage’s Signature vintage comics and comics art auction for $167,300, including the 19½ percent buyer’s premium.” (The Bee).

03. Cantona interview – BBC Sport meets ‘King Eric’

“The former Manchester United star tells Football Focus presenter Dan Walker about life in New York with the NY Cosmos, his career highlight, his admiration for Sir Alex Ferguson and his plans for the future.” (BBC).

04. The Nasty Bits: Pig’s Foot

“There’s a song that’s sung by Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and other jazz greats that goes, “Give me a pig’s foot, and a bottle of beer,” which pretty much sums up my point of view on a lot of things, culinary and otherwise.” (Serious Eats).

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