01. Salone Milan 2011 Preview: À LA CARTE
“In anticipation of the Salone in Milan, BBM Design Studio of Novara, Italy sent us this tantalizing teaser image of their new project for Seletti…” (core77)

02. Transparency: United States of Unhappy Campers (above)
“Gallup’s 2011 satisfaction survey, which has measured overall national contentment with various aspects of life in America for the last 10 years, has revealed new historic lows as a crestfallen nation grows more dissatisfied. The last time the survey was administered was in 2008, when the economy was looking down the barrel of the gun. How much have sentiments changed since then?” (good)

03. Vintage Soda Bottle Set (above)
“You toss the word “vintage” in front of anything and our ears perk up like someone just said “nip-slip.” That’s why if these were advertised as a set of 5 regular soda bottles we would have quickly passed over it, but a set of 5 vintage soda bottles and our minds start thinking of ways we can transform our kitchen into an old school restaurant. Use ‘em for just about anything outside of a drinking glass, seeing as how they were junk at one point and all.”(coolmaterial)

04. Roll & Mix by Marcial Ahsayane
“Designer Marcial Ahsayane of Brussels has designed an oil bottle and pestle that combine to make a rolling pin.” (dezeen)

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