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Sonic Youth is auctioning off a pair of rare custom VANS from 1992 as well as two even rarer concert posters to benefit Shelterbox who “provide humanitarian aid in the form of shelter, warmth and dignity to people displaced by natural and other disasters worldwide.”

Go bid on them all on EBAY now!

1. Custom Vans shoes printed with a repeating pattern of Dirty Bunnies. The repeating Mike Kelley image of the pink bunny covers the shoe canvas, one shoe lace contains a repeating “Sonic Youth” logo and the other a repeating “Dirty” logo. Produced in 1992 as a contest prize by DGC Records. You can choose Men’s size 10, or Women’s size 9 – take your pick. Auction is for one pair of shoes, with one pair of laces. New in box.

2. A day-glo blacklight poster from the Sonic Youth “Goo” tour. A flocked black velvet Black Panther flanked by Barbarella and Emma Peele. Produced in 1990. 24″ x 36″. Mint condition.

3. A jumbo silver mylar poster for the June 21 & 22, 1993 Sonic Youth shows at The Academy in NYC with The Breeders and St. Johnny. Features a lovely image of some kids smoking joints in front of a smiling hippie. 100 of these were printed and most were used for promotion. They were never sold. Designed and printed by Tannis Root. Number 12 in an edition of 100. Size 27.5″ x 39.5″. Excellent condition.

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