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The Grand Rapids Art Museum will open an exhibition of Aududon Prints from the Shelburne Museum on April 15, 2011.

Birds of America is widely recognized by art historians and naturalists alike as the greatest natural history publication of all time. Between 1819 and 1838, John James Audubon and his engraver Robert Havell produced 435 hand-colored and engraved plates of scope and standard never before seen in ornithological recording. Thirty prints have been selected from the collection at Shelburne Museum to demonstrate the duality of Audubon’s work as both artistic compositions and scientific documentation. This exhibition features some of Audubon’s most desirable illustrations, admired for their life-size scale, compelling backgrounds, and often dramatic compositions.

Other than being part of “the greatest natural history publication of all time,” the works set for display are also extraordinarily beautiful.

Visit through August 14, 2011 and don’t forget to eat a wet burrito while in town.

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