01. Recently, Randomly #62

More beautiful pictures. (This is Naive)

02. Murray makes Miami boxing pilgrimage

“Andy Murray loves his boxing so much that when you throw the name Peter Buckley into the conversation, one of the most obscure British sportsmen of recent years, he can immediately tell you that he’s the journeyman from Birmingham who retired recently with a memorable record of 32 wins and 256 losses.” (BBC)

03. Sales of shorts soar – but do we wear them well?

“Sales of men’s shorts have more than doubled since this time last year, as Britain enjoyed the warmest weekend of the year so far. John Lewis reported that sales had more than doubled between January and April owing to the recent spate of hot weather, but said the success was also attributable to its range of tailored shorts, which were proving popular among men seeking a “preppy look”.” (The Independent)

04. Laurent Gbagbo’s humiliating fall

“There was to be no suicide pill, no bullet in the brain, no heroic martyrdom. Instead, it is claimed, there was a humiliating slap on the cheek and Laurent Gbagbo was hauled from his bunker and paraded before the TV cameras.” (Guardian)

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