Well before the web, email and Hypercard (I had a zine built in Hypercard – serious), zines were one of the most authentic and personal ways for people to self-publish their works. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when I discovered zines and mini-comics, FactSheet Five was the bible. Luckily, technology has not slowed down the zine world. In fact, in Cambridge, MA, we even have a zine library – one of many across the globe. Gestalten’s new book, Behind the Zines, tackles the subject.

““With a cutting-edge selection of international examples, Behind the Zines introduces the broad range of zines that exists today. These include zines that function as a new kind of project-oriented portfolio to showcase a self-profile or document an exhibit. While some act as (pseudo) scientific treatises to call the reader‘s attention to a specific topic, others serve as playrooms for creatives to run riot and express themselves and communicate with each other in a space that is free from editorial restrictions.”

Delivers on May 31, 2011.”

Available from Amazon.

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