01. Prince of Wales at Henry Poole: Part 7 (Pictured)

“This week was the second, forward fitting for this Henry Poole suit. The shape at the back is much improved since Craig and Alex ripped it apart last time – a nice compromise between hiding the shape of my back and highlighting my seat with too sculpted a line. The shape through the waist is retained, however, by taking that excess cloth out of the foreparts.” (Permanent Style)

02. Out Now: Apartamento #7

“I love Apartamento so it’s great to see a new issue hit the shelves just in time for the Easter break.” (Magculture)

03. I ♥ Japan

“It was sort of a coincidence. I’d been reviewing the CDs I picked up on my trip to Japan a few months ago, and then I sat in with If By Yes as part of the Japan music festival here in NY last week. Then the earthquake and tsunami and the nuclear mess all hit—all of which made me want to get this Japanese playlist together faster than I normally would have. Thoughts of Japanese friends, culture and countryside welled up, and this music became a kind of soundtrack to my thoughts and feelings.” (David Byrne’s Journal)

04. Judge ends lockout; owners file appeal

“Seven weeks into the NFL lockout, players have an early triumph over the owners in court.

U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson ordered an immediate end to the lockout Monday, siding with the players in their bitter fight with the owners over how to divide the $9 billion business.” (ESPN)

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