The art of “nacho hunting” is not as simple or trivial as one would imagine. The ability to break down, examine and taste every component of a proper* plate of nachos is not a science but a learned trade that only comes with decades of commitment to the finger food. I, for one, do not have the stomach nor the pace to critique such a dish.

Lucky for us, our own, Nick Schonberger, and his lovely brother Chris, clearly do engulf their time in helping the world discover new and utterly surprising takes on the nacho. Their Nachohunters site, which chronicles their discoveries has been getting some press of late (deservingly).

Today, on Cinco de Mayo, possible the third most nacho consuming day of the year behind the Super Bowl, and Fourth of July, they give Food Republic their thoughts on the subjet.

Read more on the Nacho Hunters at Food Republic.

*or not.

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