01. Women in Menswear

“At a party a friend and fellow fan of the gentleman’s wardrobe said in passing that she didn’t “care about women’s fashion”. I see her point (and at times agree with it) – aesthetically menswear succeeds where women’s does not. Still, that comment gave me pause since, of course, she is a (very beautiful) woman and wearing clothes that are quite à la mode. A lady might argue that her taste eschews the standard trappings of women’s fashion, but it’s still all about fashion. In the past couple years I have noticed it: chicks (myself included) pilfering the boys’ departments, donning bow ties and selvedge denim and work shirts and making them our own. The menswear becomes womenswear, and to say one doesn’t care about it… Well, of course she does!” (FrED).

02. “The Happiest Day of the Year:” A Reparative (I Hope) Approach to Record Store Day

“Several of my graduate students, in separate meetings, have shared their recent inspiration from the late Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s work on affect, especially as compiled in her book Touching Feeling.1 After the third student talked about it, I figured that I’d better read it. I was instantly plunged back into that wonderful feeling, or more appropriately affect, of discovering something compelling and useful, that could change the ways in which I think about certain things, or at least complicate my approaches. Hence this post about Record Store Day is going to be a bit different than my first drafts. I must proceed with the caveat that although my reading of Sedgwick’s theory of affect is still shallow and my approach necessarily speculative, I’m going to jump into it and use it anyway, in the hope of jumpstarting more careful thought and theorizing for later projects.” (Flowtv).

03. Fifa calls for evidence following Triesman allegations (Above)

“Fifa has written to the Football Association asking for a full report on allegations of corruption within world football’s governing body.” (BBC).

04. The Gift Of Gab: Five Legendary Tupac Interviews

“Probably more than any rapper, sensitive moments and ignorant outbursts equating to enigmatic openness defines Tupac Shakur. Credit such a veil to his Gemini personality, or better yet, through the various experiences his brief, but fast paced life afforded him. Either way, properly describing Pac is a task which is still incomplete even as we creep towards what would have been his 40th birthday. In the grand scheme of perception, music constituted only one aspect to the complicated simplicity of Afeni’s famous offspring.” (TSS).

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